how do I click the band into my fitbit? The parts do not seem to fit.

Answer: In addition to the old rubber band being removed, make sure to remove the rigid plastic piece connected to the core.

On the interior, press the gray clip away from the core and lift up, it should slide off. Then clip the new one on the opposite way.


Can I purchase the six colors and mix the different colors of the bands to wear?

Of course, you can mix the different colors of the bands to wear, it will make your watchbands more colorful and we think it is more fashionable and stylish!



What does it track

The Fitbit tracks heart rate, calories burned, time spent on various workouts, and sleeping stages. It is very good. The band is comfortable and easy to adjust and clean.


Will this work with Charge 2 special edition?

Answer: Yes, I bought the sports & leather bands and I like the sports bands myself. If you wash your hands a lot, you may want to by the leather bands.


How do you clean the bands?

Answer: Remove them before cleaning , I would use cleaning wipes . But you can use warm soapy water . Just be sure to detach the bands from the pebble (tracker)


Does this fit the charger 2 hr and fitness as well?

Yes, this soft silicone band is specially designed for Fitbit Charge 2 (charge 2 hr).


are these the same exact bands as fitbit makes or 3rd party?

They seem to be exactly the same. In fact these have lasted longer than my original band.


Is the band waterproof?

The band is sweat,rain, splash and water resistant, it is also ventilated, intended for high intensity workouts.